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overall, among 13 hoods are given in our museum information on municipal and industrial history.
Below we present 2 hoods and our two Hat tasting stations:

“The hat in 80 steps“

The longest “information hat” of the “Stadt- und Industriemuseum” (“City and Industry Museum”) with about seven meters consists of three parts.

The first timeline gives information about the number of employees in the hat industry of Guben and about the number of produced hats. In the showcases you can see a variety of materials required for the making of a hat, for example different kinds of rabbit fur, brushes or skin of a shark, just to mention some of them. The second timeline explains the different tasks by photographs and explanations through the involved displays.

For the production of a hat made of wool or hair you had to follow about 80 necessary steps: beginning with the preparation of the material, continuing with felting, shaping and finally adding the decoration. This procedure has not changed for centuries even though in the meantime the work is executed by machines. Nevertheless, a hat needs its time: It takes between four and six weeks to produce 200 items of equal quality.

“Along the river – views before and after 1945”

In the 19th century Guben is becoming an industrial city. In the suburb, west of the Neiße, chimneys of the industrial quarter tower into the sky, new buildings are built. In 1926 more than 40,000 people are living here. Declared as fortress by the National Socialists, the city is badly destroyed in the 2nd World War. After the division of Guben and the displacement of the Germans out of the now Polish Gubin, two cities have to be rebuilt. The river Neiße is the border river.
Historical postcards are shown for example under this information hat.

“Try-a-hat”-Hat: “Have you got a “hat-face”?”

Besides the real “try-a-hat”-station in our museum you can also try on any kind of virtual headgear under this hat: funny ones, glamorous ones – give it a try and find out whether you have a “hat-face” – or not! A lot of fun for young and old alike!

“Real try-a-hat“-Hat

From a high amount of hats and other headpieces you ought to choose one or more and try it in front of a mirror. Let’s find out which hat suits you! For those who want we offer to take a picture. This makes fun for young and old.


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